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It all began 35 years ago as 2 high school students
doing school dances for their own school district.
My lovely wife Tracey and I decided to expand after graduation.

Why Choose Us? We've Done Over:


Bar / Bat / B'nai Mitzvah's




Misc Events—


Central FL schools


Over our 34 year career and business existence we have won over 100 prestigious awards. We continually get recognized on the famous Bridal websites, i.e.: "The Knot"& "Wedding Wire"... We have reviews posted on these sites as well as on "Facebook", under Mr.P's DJ Service. The fact that our Clients think so highly of us makes all the difference. We receive over 600 Christmas and Holiday Cards every year. We are friends with a large number of our clients on Social media and even attend social engagements with many of them. Our most prestigious award is the one we have received the last 5 years, "Professional DJ Service of the Year"... It makes us feel proud that our clients have taken the time to interview with unbiased rating companies to make sure we received this high honor. We had over 100 couples stand up and be heard on our behalf and if that doesn't say how loved we are, I don't know what does !!! Our finest hour is the one I spend on the phone with you, booking "YOUR" event...


Our equipment is the best money can buy. Lierally, we own speakers that cost as much as $1800 each and mixing consoles that rival many concert systems. We only use name brand equipment by the finest makers. Such as: QSC, Crown, JBL, Peavey, EV, Rane, Apple, Allen and Heath, Shure and Sennheiser.


We don't nickel and dime you! When your quote is released for your approval, we include EVERYTHING in one price structure. You get uplighting, Dance lighting, Wireless Microphones, Professional M/C announcements that all works under one quote. We also work with a very simple 32 year old contract that isn't written in Latin It is Who, What, When , Where, Why, and How Much!


We pride ourselves on keeping a vast library available at our fingertips covering many genres and decades..



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Our Work Process



We dont nickel and dime you when your quote is released for your approval, we include "EVERYTHING" in a one price structure. You get uplighting, dance lighting, wireless microphones, professional M/C announcements, THE WORKS under one quote! We pride ourselves in the ability to cover your event needs under one pricing structure. That makes us better than our competition. We also work with a very simple 35 year old contract that isn't written in "Latin".

It is Who, What, When, Where, Why, and how much. We belive this simplifies life and makes folks feel more comfortable. Who really wants fine print in a contract anyhow? It only makes for hidden agendas and we want you happy planning your event not wordering if your DJ contract has some hidden loophole. In the 34 years we have been in business we have "NEVER" missed an event, that makes everyone feel good inside! There are "5" of us as tour DJ's all family, so your event will get done!


At Mr. P's DJ service we have numerous reviews and referrals.
here are just a few to browse through, our work truly speaks for itself.
Would you like a referral, Just ask!


Adam came highly recommended to me. My husband is also a Dj, and we needed someone that knew what they were doing yet affordable.

That is very hard to find because good Djs cost a lot of money.. another concern is that I needed someone professional and responsible to be on time and be 100 % committed.

"We shopped around, but Adam truly has a lot of experience and was super affordable while including ulighting and a monogram..

He answered all my questions each time I called him. He also was patient and enjoyed that I gave him a very organized Song list.

The day of my wedding he was fun, went exactly by my list and he checked on me all night to make sure I was okay and everything was going good!!!!

"Adam exceeded our expectations! Thank you!!."


Choosing the right DJ for your special event is such a big decision, it can really make or break your party. .

Having Adam and Mr P's DJ service crew involved in our wedding was one of the best decisions we made.

"Not only were his rates affordable but he and his family were the best at helping us to plan and organize the flow of our day they kept the momentum up with they're entertaining personalities and quality performance with both music and spectacular lighting for our Star Wars themed wedding.


They were always very fast and their Communications with us and they were prompt and reliable at all of our meetings and most importantly for the wedding itself.

I would recommend them to anyone for anything regardless of the size of the event.

They were professional, charismatic, reliable, and one of the best things about our day! Thanks guys! Maybe when we renew our vows in 10 years we can do it all again!


"Felt like he was family!
"Such Ease and Stress Free!!!"

Your event is our #1 Priority. we want your needs met, your guests happy


Check out our carefully crafted products and let us exceed your expectations. (insert photos with links to videos on facebook or elsewhere)


Feel free to contact us and find out more about our services.

Mr P's DJ Service

At Mr.P's DJ Service you will never hear us speak poorly about another DJ or DJ Service. We know that there are some very talented and very competent DJ's here in Central Florida and the surrounding areas. The major difference is Passion and Experience. We are the most experienced DJ in Florida. We can say that because of how long we have been in business and how many events we have performed at and been a part of... There is nothing wrong with a DJ that is looking to book his or her first wedding or Sweet 16 as a Pro DJ... You just don't want that wedding or Sweet 16 to be yours...When looking for a Cardiac surgeon you want the guy with 30 plus years of experience not the rookie just out of Med school... Trust me, you will need a cardiac surgeon if your wedding starts to go south with an inexperienced DJ... Don't let that happen. Call me and let the stress melt away...

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